Coffee Is A Big Deal

In my opinion coffee is one the only drinks besides wine and beer that brings people together socially. I always hear people say "let's meet for a cup of coffee". Or "let's go to that new coffee shop". It's estimated that 62% of Americans drink coffee every single day. In fact, coffee is definitely one of the most global drinks. It's a ritual for many, first thing in the morning. Some even make a cup mid afternoon or in the evening. There's so many brewing methods, like in coffee pots, pour over/drip, french press, and in fancy espresso machines, it's your choice. We mix our coffee with all kinds of ingredients like chocolate, caramel, vanilla, steamed milk, cream, sugar, etc. 
Let's not make coffee a pick me for just work or business. But, now instead it's a pleasurable moment taking in the aroma while brewing, and the enjoyment in each sip. There's so many different beans, blends, flavors, and brands for coffee lovers to choose from. Some like their coffee light roast, medium roast, medium-dark, dark roast, or decaffeinated. There are many coffee roasters around the world who are so passionate about their craft of roasting coffee beans. I think this is perfect time for coffee buyers. So, now meet Honey's Coffee Company our specialty brand.